Agate Slice Necklace, Geode Slice Necklace, Geode Agate Necklace

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This Agate Slice Necklace wire wrapped in sterling silver wire will make a great birthday gift for you or someone you love.

Geodes are wonderful for family harmony and stimulating creativity. Geodes in general are known to have very strong powers. They're especially powerful in relieving stress and strengthening spirituality. This agate slice necklace is rich in earth tones, filled with creamy beige, earthy brown and blue-grey swirls. The inside of the agate slice is covered in tiny crystals that catch the light when you wear it. You'll love how the little citrine drop in the center shimmers against your skin.

The agate slice necklace pendant is 2-1/2" tall and approximately 1-1'4" wide The Bohemian Gypsy look is complete with a 24" sterling chain.

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