Amethyst Necklace Silver Wire Wrap Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain

Regular price $105.00

An Amethyst Necklace just for you! Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purity.  Wear this great amethyst necklace pendant next to your skin to improve your overall health and quiet your mind.  I've wire wrapped this stunning amethyst stone with sterling silver wire in a woven design in order to show off its beauty.  The back of the amethyst necklace is woven as well, which means you can wear it on either side. So you're getting two pendants for the price of one!  This is definitely a one of a kind piece that you'll love showing off to your friends.

The amethyst necklace pendant measures 2-3/4' from the bottom of the dangling crystal amethyst beads to the top of the piece.  It includes an 18" sterling silver chain. 

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