Wonderstone Rhyolite Pendant Necklace

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Wonderstone Pendant Necklace - Some rocks themselves are highly prized by collectors. An example is "Wonderstone" (rock that is naturally stained with picturesque bands of red and orange). As with all rhyolite, it is an excellent meditation stone and creativity enhancer. It brings energies of tranqulity and helps eliminate worries. It also helps reduce or eliminate depression, stress, and anxiety, giving an overall sense of wellbeing.

The wonderstone cabochon came from a Nevada miner who sells cabs in my town each winter. I usually antique my copper pieces to bring out the texture of the wrap but this stone really looks better with bright copper. To keep the copper shiny, simply dip the pendant in vinegar water for a few minutes and it will be Penny bright again.

The chain is 22" long with an extender but I can shorten it if you'd like. Just leave a note for me at checkout.